SOVATA resort

Mentioned in 1595 as a “healing” place, it is declared a health resort only in 1850. Sovata resort is situated in Praid – Sovata Depression, on the upper course of the river Tarnava Mica. Situated at the South – Western foot of the Mountain Gurghiu, from the Eastern Carpathians, at an altitude of 475 – 530 m, the town is situated at a distance of 60km East of the municipality of Targu Mures. It was created around Ursu Lake (46.000mp) which was formed in 1875 being one of the biggest salty, heliothermal lakes from Europe. During the summer the water temperature of the lake reaches 40-50 degrees C at the depth of 1.5- 2m. Togheter with Ursu Lake, you can also find other lakes in Sovata: Alunis, Verde, Negru, Rosu, Mierlei, and Serpilor, but of smaller sizes. Sovata resort is surrounded by Capela, Cireselu, Bechis, Dealu Mic hills and theSalt Mountain. Even if the resort is situated on a salt massif, there are also beech, oak, chestnut, fir, and birch, tree rich forests around. The resort is recommended, especially for the gynecological diseases, but also for generative, inflammatory diseases, rheumatics, etc. Within the resort you cand find multiple facilities for therms in the bathtub or pool, with mineral salty water taken – off from lakes gynecological treatments and warm mud applications, pools for kinetotherapy, outfits for electrotherapy and hydrotherapy, saunas, medical gyms, beaches, on the shores of Ursu Lake and Alunis Lake, etc. The accommodation possibilities are vast, the resort having approximately 2000 rooms in hotels, villas and cottages. During the winter season Sovata offers you the opportunity to practice winter sports (ski, cross country and sleighing)on the ski slope situated at 6 km from the resort equipped with chair lift. The trips to the surroundings represent other possibilities to relax, where you can visit the Saline from Praid (6km), the bazaar of craftsmanship from Corund (12 km) and from Rosu Lake (75km). other possibilities of recreation are: the bars and gardens, restaurants which are waiting for you with dishes and drinks characteristic for the area. Sovata resort is manly recommended for the treatment of the gynecological illnesses ( ovarian insufficiency, chornic cervicits, chronic metrosalpingitis, infertility), but also for generative, inflammatory diseases, rheumatics (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, arthrosis, poliarthritis, joint aches, tendonitis, tendomyositis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), posttraumatic conditions (after healed operations on joints, muscles or bones, after luxations and twists), periphal neurogical discords (light peresis, sequelae after polymylitis and after polyneuropathies)endocrine diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

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