Băile Tuşnad

· Restaurants, Coffe-shops
In Băile Tuşnad you can select from among high quality restaurants, starting from local traditional transylvanian specialities to the large range of international cuisine. Sush restaurants are Tuşnad, Ciucaş, Olt, Laleaua, Hanul Secuiesc, Fortuna, Iris, or Stânca. You can enjoy the atmosphere of bars and coffe-shops, as well.
· Medical treatment, spa
The exceptional natural richness of Băile Tuşnad (natural mineral springs, mofettes, pure air, rich in negative ions, mezothermal waters) make possible the successuful treatment of artherial rheumatic, digestive, endocrine, nutritional diseases and thase related to the nervous and the respiratory systems. Such treatment cernters are Tuşnad, and Ciucaş.
· Fitness – wellness
Your general health and fitness can be enhanced by sauna, fitness center, massage, whirlpool and medicinal plant bath. Such services are offered by: Tuşnad, Ciucaş, Fortuna, Csomad, Iris and Daniel.
· Hiking
The unique natural beaut of landscape in Băile Tuşnad can be best admired by taking a hike at one of the many, well marked mountains routes. Such routes takes you to St. Anne`s Lake (3 hours), Hawks Rock (30 minutes), Apor Bastion and Ludmilla Panorama (1 hour) or the Castle`s Peak (1hour).
· Renting boats, sladge, coach, or bicycle
If the hiking is too exhausting for you, the natural surroundings of Băile Tuşnad can be explored b coach or sladge, or by renting bicy or ATV. You can get rent boats for the Lake Ciucaş, Lake St. Anne or the Olt river.
· Open air bath
There are two possibilities for open air bath in Băile Tuşnad: the open air bath from the center with mezothermal natural mineral water, two bazins and place for sunbath of the cristalcler warer of St. Anne`s Lake, surrounded by forests.
· Sports
The sports fans are expected to visit the sports hall from the center, to play handball, volley, basketball, futsal, or aerobics. The soccer fans can play at the large soccer field or the minisoccer field (Hanul Secuiesc). Tennis can be playd at Hotel Tuşnad. Wintertime you can ski, skate or sladge.
· Conferences
Băile Tuşnad is the ideal place for organizing conferences, seminars, team buildings or other organizational events. You can find conference halls in: Tuşnad, Olt, Ciucaş, Kontact, Fortuna, Csomad and Iris.
· Trips
Most famous places from Transsylvania can be reached by one - day trip from Băile Tuşnad. Such destinations could be the Red Lake and Bicaz Straits (120km), Land of Ghimes (80km), Sovata, Corund, Praid (110km) Miercurea Ciuc and the franciscan church of Şumuleu (32km), Braşov and the Bran Castle (80km), Sighişoara and the saxons land (170 km), Sântu Gheorghe and Târgu Secuiesc (30km).
· Fishing, Hunting
The area of Tuşnad is passedbz a lot of small brooks with clear water, where trout and other species can be fished. You can hunt in Tuşnad specially for brown bear, wild boar, dear and rabbit.
· Minigolf
The only course in Băile Tuşnad is in the inner garden of IRIS Panzio, near the summer terace.
· Atv, rafting
SARA Panzio is organizing mountain trips bz ATVs, arch courses and rafting on the Olt river.
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