We make all the choices

Life, good or bad, is just one and each person would have to live fully. To each one is given a single life and we should take advantage of these moments, because we never know what will follow. In life there are riscks that we should accept them, there are decision that we depends on. The best thing we can do is that these decisions belong to us and let us not influenced. There is no one resposible for our mistakes, for our own pain, and even more then that, for our own happines.

It's our choice to get up off the ground when we are shot down. Is our choice to raise the head, no matter how painful it was the fall. It's our choice to smile even when injures hurts. all are our choices. And nobody can't stop us to go further. We can resign with the fall, or we can go far away. We can stop it, but we never see the sunrise as seen from the top. Or, we can climbing the hill, without considering the road bumps.

All are oure decisions and we make all the choices.

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