Bruno's Deli - When the boss it's ok

59A Abbey Road London - The place where the quality is same with perfect taste. 
A small restaurant and in the same time a small market. A small part of Italy is found here,  where a good cook lures you with the most appetizing pasta and pizza's. Once you have entered in this corner of Italy, is impossible not to be conquered by the friendship and the familiarity that has served you. 
Our menus is varied. The best Panini. Spicy chicken. A lot of pizza. Maybe you want to try lasagna. Are you  craving for prosciutto? You should take some Parma ham too, and some Pecorino - will be extraordinary with some Ciabatta. And after that - i'm sure you will want something sweet. Our recommendation certainly will be Profiteroles with black or white chocolate; or why not some Sexy cake. 
Bruno - the boss of this small corner of Italy is one of the coolest bosses. Always in the restaurant, the good mood dominate our customers and the "team". Marta and Hugo are my colleagues from the second shift. Gaetano - the faithfully customer of every afternoons.  There is no chance to stay upset. And if you miss, Italian language or just want to change a few words in Italian - here is the perfect place.
You're hungry? Than you should came to eat at Bruno's Deli. It is the best decision for you're stomach and... for you're spirit, too!!

 Photo by Marta Ortu

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